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Gift of Therapy Terms and Conditions

  • Gift Vouchers are available in any value from €90 upwards
  • Choice of email attachment and/or post – you will be asked which one.
  • All Vouchers are valid for 18 months and you can choose the start date.
  • All vouchers can be used for multiple service purchases or towards a focused service purchase
  • Gift of Therapy Tokens cannot be used for the low-cost service?
  • Choice of all/ large number of team members – Subject to Availability
  • Can only be used by the recipient of the Gift of Therapy Token
  • If you are not happy with the service and wish to be refunded* for the remaining sessions please contact City therapy at
  • The purchaser of the Gift of Therapy Token will be contacted, and the money will be refunded directly to them.
  • The Gift of therapy shall not be redeemed for cash under any circumstances
  • Through the Best Fit Consultation (which is offered as part of this sale), the City Therapy team will aim to align you with a therapist that they feel best suits your needs. However, while this process will be carried out by a trained psychotherapist there is a level of subjectivity. If the recipient of the gift is not happy with this choice, then they are free to select a different team member themselves
  • Due to the nature of this work the team member you choose may or may not have availability. We can ask the therapist to put you on their waiting list or you can choose another team member.
  • If you wish to change your therapist you can do this free of charge. This change can only happen after the first session. If the recipient of the gift wishes to change therapist more than once then this will be deducted from the voucher
  • The Terms and Conditions of the Gift of Therapy token shall be amended at any time at the discretion of City Therapy and shall be binding on the customer
  • City Therapy does not accept any responsibility or liability for lost, damaged, stolen or any unauthorised use of the Gift of Therapy Token
  • Acceptance of The Gift of Therapy Token constitutes acceptance of all of these terms and conditions, changes to which may be affected and published at any time