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Studying Abroad – Pre-Existing Medical Conditions and Medication

Pre-existing medical conditions and medication.             

Having a pre-existing medical condition should not negatively impact your study abroad experience once you are prepared. It can often be the case that people might not feel the need to continue their medication when they go abroad,. They often feel that ‘things will be different’ and it is like ‘an extended holiday’ so they will be fine. Being abroad can exacerbate pre-existing conditions because things are so different.

I am on medication for a pre-existing condition and but I have decided to stop while abroad

I see a therapist back home and find this support very helpful

I don’t know if my medication is legal in my host country

I did not bring enough medication for my trip.

How to manage this

It is important that you do NOT stop taking medication on your trip abroad unless you have been advised to do so by your Doctor/Psychiatrist.

If you are bringing medication with you it is important that the substances you are bringing in are legal in your host country.

Drugs in Sport Database

Generic Medicines in Ireland

It is also important to bring enough medication to last for the duration of your trip or know that you have a prescription that can be activated in your country of study.

It is important to let your Doctor/Psychiatrist know that you will be travelling abroad in case there are any issues with your medication or in case you need a repeat prescription sent to you. If you are nervous that you might run out then get in touch with someone at home (Family/Doctor/Psychiatrist) and organise a prescription Before you run out. It is better to have access to a prescription and not need it than needing one and not having it.

Know where you have access to an out of hours Doctor if you need one. You can access an out of hours doctor in the City Centre by following this link

Some people find it extremely useful to connect with a therapist while they are abroad especially if this has been a feature in their lives before their trip. Many study abroad organisations have access to psychological supports for their students but the abroad organisation will not know you need this unless you let them know.

If you need to access therapy while you are abroad studying, then communicate this with your study abroad Student Officer. Also, if you are in regular contact with a therapist back home and you find this helpful then don’t wait until things become overwhelming before you access such a service. If you are not comfortable talking to your Student Officer then begin your research when you get to your host country and find out where psychotherapy practices are in relation to where you are studying/living.

Email City Counselling and Psychotherapy with queries around access to therapy: