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Safe Place

‘Safe Place’

Everyone needs a safe place. It could be the seat in a park looking out over the river. It could be your bedroom. It could be when you’re out on the open road, driving. It could be when you’re with your best friend. Either way, it can and does have a different meaning for everyone. A safe place to me is a place where I can be myself. I am accepted. I am safe.

This painting captures how important my safe place is to me. Each abstract poppy represents the obstacles, hurdles, positive and sad moments that I have encountered in my safe place. Some of which, I have overcome and others I carry around with me in my heart.

I unconsciously chose the colours in the painting. I knew that I wanted the painting to depict warmth. I wanted the element of a ‘safe place’ to be nearly palpable. The finishing touch was using yellow, white and green acrylic paint separately, put on by using a toothbrush. It gave a spray-like effect. This was to portray how much I felt cared for in my safe place.

Marie Roche