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Lidia Macari


BA (HONS) degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy


 Lidia takes a humanistic and integrative approach, she uses different modalities tailored to your own specific needs. This includes cognitive behavioural therapy challenging limited beliefs about the self. An existential approach involves finding meaning and making choices to create autonomy in your life. The psychodynamic model looks at growing awareness around repeated patterns in past relationships that may impact your present connections. This can be explored using the therapeutic relationship. The most important aspect of Lidia’s work is building the relationship you have with yourself, easing feelings of shame or a sense of not belonging. The therapeutic relationship is a fundamental piece in the work it allows a person to feel heard, validated and understood in a safe space.

Oftentimes due to circumstances that occurred in early life, we can abandon the self or learn to prioritise others. Therapy is a useful tool in bringing a person back to the self. It can help people to become empowered, to advocate for themselves and to free themselves from the grips of their limited beliefs. It can be an opportunity to learn to pause and rest in a society that values productivity. Therapy can be a useful space to create boundaries to protect your energy in everyday life, or when struggling with depression, anxiety or health issues.

Throughout her studies Lidia took a keen interest in the area of living with health conditions. Lidia aims to explore the physical, social and emotional implications of living with a long term illness. The nervous system and the stress response are integral parts of the work drawing on relaxation exercises, mindfulness techniques and CBT to help with stress reduction, easing tension and creating mind-body connection. Lidia will endeavour to engage in continuous professional development furthering her skill set and knowledge in this area.

Lidia’s main areas of interest are:

Attachment (Insecure attachment)





Relationship issues

Low Self Esteem

Chronic Pain/Health Conditions

Lidia aims to provide neurodiversity and LGBTQ + affirming therapy


“How to help Reduce Chronic Pain” with Doctor Howard Schubiner (NICABM)

Online/in-person: Lidia offers Online, In Person Session

Counselling and Psychotherapy