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Darren O Loughlin (Online Only)


  1. Master’s degree, Psychotherapy
  2. Higher Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  3. Master’s degree, Philosophy
  4. B.A. (Hons), Philosophy


A fully qualified counsellor/psychotherapist, Darren’s path to psychotherapy began in the world of journalism, where he worked for two decades with regional and national publications. Listening to and writing about the struggles faced by people in all manner of work and life situations, Darren began to explore more deeply the meaning and impact of these challenges in everyday human being. These explorations led Darren into philosophy, culminating in a Master’s degree in the subject. Darren then took his philosophical training into psychotherapy, where he obtained a Higher Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy and a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy.


Darren’s therapeutic approach is humanistic and integrative psychotherapy, into which he also brings some of the most important lessons offered by philosophical thinking. As an accredited therapist Darren also works within the ethical guidelines and codes of practice set out by the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists (IAHIP).

Humanistic psychotherapy sees the individual in all of their dignity and potential beyond their particular struggles, instead of simply reducing them to a diagnosis or a problem to be solved. The integrative part of Darren’s psychotherapeutic approach aims to help the person integrate all of the aspects of their self into awareness for a better understanding of who and how they are. Integrative psychotherapy does this by itself integrating techniques from a range of psychotherapy theories and practices, including person-centred therapy, Gestalt therapy, psychoanalysis and existential psychotherapy.

Darren’s overall approach is built on a foundation of non-judgment, empathy and deep respect for the person. By creating a safe and welcome space in each therapy session, Darren aims to accompany each person as they explore their life experiences, their struggles and pains, and the fundamental meanings in their lives. Every such journey takes unique turns and finds a pace of its own, while the insights gained can be profound no matter how far along life’s path a person is.

Darren has experience working with:





Loss of meaning

Low self-confidence

Relationship issues

Family issues


Fee €70

Counselling and Psychotherapy