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Colm O’ Connell (Dame Street Centre)


  1. MA (Hons) Psychotherapy
  2. H Dip (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy


Colm is a qualified psychotherapist and certified associate member of IAHIP.

As well as working professionally in technical roles in the private and public sector for many years, Colm has a lifelong (so far) interest in spiritual traditions and has spent time living in intentional communities and on retreat. This interest in the range of human experience and causes of suffering ultimately led Colm to explore how it is possible to work with his own and others suffering through psychotherapy and the many perspectives and potential for new experience it provides.

Curiosity and compassion are key elements in the way Colm works and they are offered in a safe and welcoming way that provides the space for a person to gently explore what is troubling in their own experience.


Person-centred therapy, CBT, psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness, somatic therapy , existential therapy

Being human is confusing and even painful sometimes. Colm aims to facilitate a welcoming safe space to explore these difficult experiences. They may arise out of relationships, periods of anxiety, feelings of low mood or depression, identity issues, spiritual crises, loss or other circumstances. Colm pulls from a number of therapy traditions (including person-centred therapy, CBT, psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness, somatic therapy , existential therapy) which can help frame the process. The work then becomes a collaboration to safely tease out these challenges into a more workable realm. There is the potential for much relief and even wonder in the new ideas and insights or new ways of feeling about past experience that arise in this process. Colm is a certified associate of the professional psychotherapy body IAHIP.

Colm has experience working with



Low Mood

Identity Issues

Spiritual Crises

Loss or other circumstances

Fee €70

Contact Phone:  083 4271161

Counselling and Psychotherapy