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Cassandra Kelly


Ba Psychology

Higher Diploma Counselling & Psychotherapy

MA Counselling & Psychotherapy



Cassandra is a qualified humanistic and integrative psychotherapist. Cassandras background was initially in psychology however, after completing a volunteer program ran by the Dublin Rape Crises centre and seeing the amazing work done by their psychotherapists she decided to pursue a career in psychotherapy and went on to complete a masters in psychotherapy.

Cassandra believes that the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is key and building that relationship is her first priority. Coming to therapy for the first time is not easy and it is so important that when people come, they are met with genuineness, warmth and understanding. Having a relationship where the client feels accepted and heard is so important because it can facilitate change and growth. Therapy is about looking at our thoughts, behaviours, beliefs, and when we do this with someone that we have a strong trust and relationship with, it is truly wonderful what can happen. So often, in today’s society, people are lacking connection and support and therapy can be a great source of both. When we start to understand who we are on a deeper level, and why we do/think they way that we do, it can be powerful and freeing and it is a privilege to be a part of that journey with someone.


Her approach is integrative in that she draws on different theories and techniques including humanistic, psychodynamic and cognitive. There is no one size fits all approach to therapy, each client is different and requires a different approach. Again this is client led always adapting based on the client’s needs.

Over the past few years, Cassandra has supported clients with the following challenges:

LGBTQ issues




Bereavement & Loss

Relationship issues

Workplace stress

Identity and sexuality

Fee: 70 euro for a 50-minute session. There are exceptions when a sliding scale can be offered.

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