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Anikó Killeen-Kőrös (Dame Street)

Humansitic and Integrative

MA in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, Dublin Business School (DBS)
Higher Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, DBS

MA in Psychology, ELTE, Budapest

Courses and Workshops
Transactional Analysis based Coach Academy with Intact International

Gestalt Psychology Foundations course with the Hungarian Gestalt Association
An Introduction to working with clients on the autistic spectrum
An Introduction to Working with Trans & Non-binary Clients


Anikó is a qualified psychotherapist and a pre-accredited member of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP). She works according to the code of ethics of IAHIP. Anikó started her clinical work in 2021 and has been working with clients with various presenting issues.

Prior to attaining her psychotherapy qualification, Anikó worked for two decades as a human resources professional where she applied her psychology background to people related issues in the work environment. She worked in both large and small organizations, locally and globally across different cultures. A core aspect of her role was to provide on the job and dedicated coaching for teams and individuals in the organization. As part of her job she gained experience in navigating complex scenarios, conducting sensitive and delicate conversations in confidence and applying an empathic and solution oriented approach.


“I work with a humanistic and integrative approach where clients are considered in their wholeness and trusted in their capacity to change and grow. The spirit of the process is about opening up to curiosity instead of (self) judgement where the therapist provides a safe space and empathy.

In keeping with an integrative approach I allow space for my clients to explore their issues and experiences on multiple levels. Connections between emotions, thoughts and bodily sensations are discovered, and clients can develop a better understanding how their past experiences influence how they think, feel and behave in the present. I often find it helpful to invite my clients to investigate their attachment style and relationship dynamics as well as their thinking patterns. Identifying personal strengths and resources, developing adequate stress management and coping strategies are a focus area for many clients. Often clients learn about how to open up to choices and start to develop a sense of agency in situations where they had felt stuck or on “autopilot” earlier. Where relevant, I include psychoeducation; simple explanations of concepts and models to provide clients with tools and a framework to think in a new way about their issues.”



Anikó has experience in working with clients presenting with



intrusive thoughts,

panic attacks,

stress management difficulties,

low self-esteem,

navigating changes,

relationship issues,

exploration of sexuality and sexual orientation,

ADHD like symptoms,



Anikó is available with City Therapy on Thursdays on xxxx street…


Counselling and psychotherapy