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Myths about Counselling and Psychotherapy

7 Myths about Counselling and Psychotherapy

1. There is no difference between counselling and psychotherapy

Counselling is normally considered short term and looking at a specific issue, whereas, Psychotherapy is considered long term and the therapist may look at the early childhood experiences and how this has influenced the current issues.

2. Therapy is for people with mental illness only

Therapy is not only for people with mental illness, people come to therapy to get help with more specific issues such as stress at work, relationship breakdown, loss.

3. Any Counsellor/Therapist will do

The relationship is vital in the successful outcomes of therapy. This is important because some people have gone to different therapist till the found the right fit. So, it is important to find the right therapist to support you on this journey. At City Therapy we pay particular attention in trying to get the best fit so the therapist will work where the client is at. 

4. Its just a chat sure I can talk to my friend

Counsellors and Psychotherapist are highly trained professionals who are skilled at listening to the unconscious material and navigating the client to work through emotions, thoughts and behaviour using skills learnt through extensive training.

5. Only people who can’t cope or are weak go to Therapy

There are many reasons why people choose therapy and it is a sign of strength and courage that they are prepared to face their problems head on and invest in their future.

6. The Counsellor/Therapist will encourage me to blame my parents on everything

Some types of therapy will explore and focus more early childhood experiences (Psychodynamic therapy, Psychoanalysis) however, other approaches (CBT, Solution Focus therapy) look at thoughts, feelings and behaviour in everyday life rather that engaging in deep exploration.

Therapist that help you explore earlier experiences will help you understand and process your emotions around these events so you can move forward in your life.

When you meet with you therapist/Counsellor it is best to discuss this with them to see what you feel comfortable with.  

7. Therapists just give advice and tell you what to do.

Most Counsellors do not work in this way but work with the client to explore their situations and offer the client a space to talk about solutions. Together with the Counsellor they can work out which is the right way forward for them. 

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