Mindfulness Course

At City Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre, we offer a eight week group mindfulness training priced €275 (concessions available), monthly mindfulness and individual tuition. Training can be tailored to meet the individuals needs such as; introduction to the basics of mindfulness practice to experienced practitioners. It is a wonderful way to learn how to let go and to explore how to get the most out of your life.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of engaging with your mind and with the world in a way which allows you to let go of excessive worrying, thinking and planning and which facilitates you to live in the present moment, to actually show up for and make the very most of the only life you have.


How many of us experience nights when we want desperately to go to sleep but find that our mind will simply not shut down its incessant thinking? At this time we notice our internal mental chatter because it is preventing us from sleeping but many of us have minds which are engaged in excessive thinking, worrying and planning throughout the day. This habit robs us of our ability to fully enjoy our lives and depletes our energy and our mental and physical health – our relationships suffer.


The practice of mindfulness is over 2.500 years old and is actually wonderfully simple. Very young children embody mindfulness – when you see a toddler digging sand on a beach for example, their attention is totally focussed on what they are doing. They are present. They are also curious and interested and importantly they don’t judge their efforts (not until such time as they are taught to!). You may remember a time when you experienced awe at nature – this is an experience of mindfulness – being fully present and aware of being fully present.

Upcoming Courses and Prices

Next 8 week Course Starting Monday 13th of April Evening 7.30pm-9.30pm

Monthly Mindfulness begins the month  of April 2015

Contact Aoife for more information 087 6848030


This Mindfulness Training Course is predominantly experiential. Theoretical background and practical tuition are provided as a framework around which to build your practice, however the proof of the power of Mindfulness is in the practice itself. We cannot learn to play the piano by hearing a lecture on music theory- we need to play it!


Aoife firmly believes that when it comes to your meditation practice YOU are the EXPERT. She will certainly guide you, but ultimately you are the architect of your practice. Be playful with it! It’s yours to hone and shape as you see fit. The techniques are simple and practical. One can meditate pretty much anywhere at any time.


Course Options:

Option 1:Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Healthier Living

This is an 8 week intensive course in Mindfulness Meditation which runs one night weekly for 2 hours. Suitable for beginners and seasoned mediators who wish to re-engage with the practice. EUR 275


Option 2: A Month of Mindfulness

This course runs over a month, one night weekly for two hours. It will give you a solid foundation in Mindfulness Meditation and serves as a great spring board from which to launch your practice.


Option 3: Individual Tuition

If for whatever reason a group setting is not for you, I give individual tuition either at a location convenient to us both or via Skype. Price Depends. By investing in this Mindfulness Course you are presenting yourself with the ultimate gift- that of a more balanced and therefore more enjoyable experience of your life.


For more information please do not hesitate to contact the trainer Aoife Boyle directly:


Aoife Boyle

087 6848030/ 0863788002



About the Trainer

Aoife Boyle, founder of Whitespace Meditation, has been facilitating courses in Mindfulness for the last 5 years to various sections of the population in group settings, on an individual basis and online.


She holds a Post Graduate Qualification in Mindfulness Studies from the University of Aberdeen and has a wealth of personal experience, having been practicing meditation for the past 8 years. Having worked for many years in the fields of Social Care and Education, Aoife now teaches Mindfulness full time alongside raising her 2 children.

 01-906 5778 / 0863788002