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Studying Abroad – LGBT+ and Exploration

LGBT+ and Exploration 

Another aspect of studying/living abroad is having the space to contemplate your sexuality and gender as many LGBT+ students have discovered. Ireland is becoming more progressive having been the first country in the world to introduce same-sex marriage by popular vote as well as the gender recognition act in 2015. That being said it does not mean that you wont have concerns in a new city which is why it’s very important to seek support to help you process your thoughts and feelings. It can be extremely exciting and frightening to query our own sexuality and gender but developing a better understanding of who you are will help to build your confidence.

Do you recognise yourself in these statements?
I am confused about my thoughts and feelings around my sexuality
I worry I’ll be judged by people so will hide who I am
I’m scared to say it out loud because it will feel more real
I sometimes think I was born in the wrong body
I want to be honest about who I am but don’t know where to start
There is an opportunity here to figure this out and seek support

How to manage this

Making contact with local resources and day/night events is a great way to introduce yourself to the diverse and supportive LGBT+ community in Dublin.
Information can be found at – resource and community centre for LGBT+ people – transgender equality network supporting the transgender community  – gay community news

Keep a journal and write down how you feel to gain some perspective around the many questions and thoughts you have whizzing around in your head.
Simply writing these feelings down can help us reflect on what’s really going on
If you are not sure where to begin with journaling then follow this link into your browser
City Counselling have counsellors that specialise in working with LGBT+ students and can offer a confidential and safe space to discuss your thoughts freely
For further information contact Christine via our website on this link: