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Gift of Therapy

Do you know someone who would like to go therapy but not sure how to help them?

You’re in the right place!!

Giving them a “Gift of Therapy” gift token is a compassionate way to encourage them to give it a try or a way of supporting them in their therapy journey.

Minding our mental health is now on par with minding our physical health. In the past, therapy was seen as place you went if there was ‘something really wrong’ or that it was ‘just for sick people’. Gladly this is not true anymore!

Here are some of the reasons why people go to therapy

  • Dealing with a break-up and learning how to navigate single life
  • Looking at why you are staying in a job you hate
  • Learning how to be more assertive in life and work
  • Managing boundaries so that you stop putting everyone else first
  • If you want happier and healthier relationships

Buying a Gift of Token for someone in your life shows you are

  • Normalising Therapy
  • Showing your support
  • Recognising that this person might like a neutral space to talk
  • Aligning them with a service that will carry out a ‘Best Fit’ consultation to help them as they take the first steps

To purchase a Gift of Therapy Token

Contact Referral Team at City Therapy on or 0863788002.We will arrange a phone call to determine exactly what you are looking for and how to move forward

Outline the fee you wish to pay

Once the fee is paid you will be issued a Gift of Therapy Token

We will display the amount or the number of session on the Gift of Therapy token.

The receiver of the Gift of Therapy Token can contact Referral Team at City Therapy by email or phone 0863788002 to arrange a ‘Best Fit’ Consultation. The ‘Best Fit’ Consultation is Free of Charge. Alternatively, the recipient can select a team member from the team page and email them directly to arrange an appointment.

If you need any support please contact on or 0863788002

Gift of Therapy Terms and Conditions

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