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Getting to Know Kieran Hurley, Psychotherapist MIACP

In today’s “Getting to know your therapist” we are delighted to have the opportunity to interview Kieran Hurley. He is an accredited Psychotherapist from City Therapy’s clinic in Rathmines Dublin. Kieran has experience working with many issues, such as anxiety, trauma, depression, and grief.


Q1. Tell us your approach to therapy.

I approach therapy from a person centred, humanistic perspective in that I believe that it is the client who holds the answers to their unique life. The relationship is paramount in therapy, I focus on the person, not on any diagnosis or labelling of the client.

Q2. My favourite part of being a therapist.

It is an honour for me to accompany people on their journey to freedom and empowerment.

Q3. What advice would I give the readers to help them nurture their mental health?

I would suggest spending a lot less time on social media. Long periods on these apps are a contributing factor in loneliness, depression and anxiety in both teenagers and adults. Introduce more novelty into your life. Take time out to listen to and reconnect with yourself. Spend time in nature, and your nervous system will thank you! Get enough sleep, eat nutritious food, exercise and cultivate wholesome friendships.

Q4. Tell us about a success story.

A client attended therapy with me in crisis with very little desire to continue with their life. Together we explored the cause of the crisis, and the client learned new skills in how to manage the contributing factors to this crisis. We also looked at any of the client’s defence mechanisms that were keeping them in the crisis and worked through them. The client realised that while these adaptations may have worked for them in the past, they were no longer doing so and were now contributing to holding them in the crisis. Over time through our work together it was satisfying to see them find hope and laughter again. To witness them blossom and see a lightness re-enter their lives. To be there as they picked up the pieces, returned to education, created meaningful work and discovered new, stronger and more meaningful relationships. These are the kind of experiences that make all this work worthwhile for me.

Q5. What is my favourite quote?

“To thine own self be true and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” William Shakespeare.

Be honest with yourself; it will naturally follow that you can be honest with your fellow man.



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