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Breathing Technique: Simple and effective tool to control our anxiety and stress levels

Do you want to learn tools to help you reduce your stress and help you manage anxiety? Join Bogdan, qualified and experienced Psychotherapist as he demonstrated this  simple and effective tool to control our anxiety and stress levels.
Why does breathing help?
Breathing techniques are not just ‘mind tricks’, they produce a bodily response that lowers your anxiety in a very physical way. Deep breathing techniques all have one thing in common, they work by stimulating what is known as the Parasympathetic Nervous System.
You may have heard of the ‘fight or flight’ response, the Parasympathetic Nervous System is simply the opposite of that (‘fight or flight’ is the term for the activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System) – instead of getting you ready for action, deep breathing activates a natural bodily response that can be described as ‘rest and digest’. Out-breaths decrease your blood pressure, dilate your pupils and slow your heart rate – lowering emotional arousal in the process. Practicing a breathing technique a few times a day will lower your overall stress levels in the long term.
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