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Best Ways to Get Rest: 12 Tips for Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep will set you up for the day. It is essential to invest your time in sleep to develop a balanced sleep pattern that works for you-

We know this will help decrease your emotional vulnerability.

  • Stick to a schedule: It is essential to maintain a schedule even during the weekends. If you sleep late Saturday and Sunday, you will disrupt your sleep patterning. Try and go to bed and get up about the same time every day.


  • Establish a bedtime routine: This might include shutting off screens (phones, TVs, laptops), changing into your pj’s, drinking herbal tea before bed, turning off bright lights or lowering the bright lights, and reducing noise and reading.


  • Don’t eat or drink a lot before bed: Watch out for spicy foods which may cause heartburn and disrupt your sleep. Here’s a tip Eat a light dinner around 2 hours beforehand. And watch your liquid intake. You don’t want to be visiting the bathroom all night.


  • Avoid Caffeine and Nicotine: As these are both stimulants, they can keep you awake!


  • Incorporate exercise into your routine: I found that exercising before bedtime or in and around bedtime helps with sleep. A program of regular physical activity enhances the quality of your sleep. *Tip: Arrange a time and day with a friend to go on a walk and make it a regular arrangement. Or join that club that you have always talked about!


  • Keep your room cool- Don’t have too many blankets on the bed during summer. Open the window (if it’s not too noisy), and lower the heating temperature. I’ve found that when you are at a pleasant body temperature, it helps you feel comfortable and relaxed- just what you need to start your sleep routine.


  • Sleep primarily at night- Daytime naps steal hours from your nighttime sleep. Limit daytime sleep to less than 1 hour, no later than 3 pm.


  • Keep it dark, quiet, and NO Screens- Silence will help you sleep better


  • Use your bed only for sleep- avoid watching the telly in bed.


  • Find different ways that relax you- *My favourite: Take a hot shower or bath before bed. It sends you into a deep relaxation, and you feel clean and fresh—ready for a good night’s sleep.
        • Listen to mindfulness/relaxation music before bed.


  • Sleeping Medication: You might get short-term relief from medication, but it is essential to also think about putting a routine in place so that you don’t find yourself relying on the pill. Remember- if you are taking prescribed medication, use them only under a doctor’s close supervision. Make sure the medications won’t interact with other medications! Don’t rely on sleeping tablets.


  • Don’t Catastrophise: Tell yourself, “It’s ok: I will fall asleep eventually.” The more I tell myself to sleep, the harder I find it.


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