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Best Tips to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Finding the source of your stress, whether it’s related to your job or something more personal, is the first step to feeling better. One of the least helpful things you can do is use unhealthy coping mechanisms like drinking or smoking to aid you. Doing nothing and not taking charge of the situation can make things worse. Building mental resilience, taking control of your circumstances, having a strong social network, and adopting a positive approach are some factors in effective stress management.

At City Therapy, we can support you on your journey to relieving stress and anxiety. There are many different therapeutic interventions that can help reduce your symptoms and help you uncover the root cause of your anxiety and stress. We can help you find the right approach and therapist, just get in touch.

Here are some tips that you can do right now to help you cope with stress and anxiety:

  1. Practice Positivity

Find the good things and things to be thankful for in life. At the end of each day, try listing three things that went well or for which you are grateful.

  1. Be More Active

While exercise won’t make your stress go away, it can help you feel less emotionally intense, which will help you think more clearly and approach your problems more calmly.

  1. Connect With People

A strong network of friends, family, and coworkers can help you get through difficult times at work and open your eyes to new perspectives. Our social interactions with friends can aid in stress relief and relaxation. Finding solutions to your concerns may also be helped by having a conversation with a trusted friend.

  1. Set Yourself Challenges

Creating objectives and challenges for yourself, whether at work or outside (of it) delete, such as taking up a new activity or learning a new language, can help you become more confident. You might find this relaxing, and it may inspire you to act and be active.

  1. Take Control

Your stress and anxiety may worsen if you feel helpless in the face of your issue. One of the key reasons for stress and poor wellness is a loss of control. Being in charge is empowering in and of itself, and it’s essential to find a solution that satisfies you and not someone else.

  1. Be Helpful To Others

According to research by Berkeley University- (, those who lend a hand to others through volunteering or another community service frequently develop more resiliency. Try to do someone a favour every day if you don’t have time to volunteer. Even the smallest gestures, like guiding a pedestrian across the street or making coffee runs for coworkers, count.

  1. Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Don’t rely on caffeine, alcohol, or smoking as coping mechanisms. These crutches may offer short-term solace, but they won’t help you in the long run. Simply put, they’ll create new problems and stress for you. The best course of action is to address the stress source.

  1. Make Time For Yourself

We frequently don’t spend enough time doing the things we truly enjoy because many of us work long hours. It’s crucial to set aside some time for rest, exercise, and socialising. You might try designate a few evenings each week for some relaxing “me time” away from work.

  1. Work Smarter To Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Prioritising your work and focusing on the tasks that will actually change things implies working smarter. The least important tasks should be done last. Recognise that you won’t have enough time for everything.

  1. Accept What You Can’t Change

Not every difficult circumstance can be changed. Focus your attention on the things you can influence. For instance, if your company is laying off employees, you might focus on the aspects under your control, like looking for a new job.

If you need support to find out what is causing you stress and anxiety, get in touch with City Therapy today.