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Benefits of practicing Mindfulness

According to Aoife Boyle founder of Whitespace Meditation and Mindfulness trainer at City Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre the benefits of a regular mindfulness practice are many, as the world of science continues to reveal more of the good stuff through researching the effects of what happens in the brain when we meditate. (FMRI)

To name but a few

– A Strengthened Immune System

– Better Sleep Quality

– Lowered Anxiety Levels,

– Improved Decision making in Business and Leadership

– Lower Work Related Stress

– Improved Relationships with Family and Friends

Another amazing benefit of this practice is that although it is a quiet and private affair (Mindfulness Meditation is silent) it has a ripple effect of promoting life enhancing qualities not only to those who practice it regularly, but it also holds benefit for those with whom mindfulness practitioners relate.

You don’t need to read the latest scientific findings on Mindfulness Meditation to be assured of these benefits (although I encourage you to do so!) You’ll find proof of the benefits and more with regular practice!