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Becoming Unstuck

Let go

There is a term called the ‘Sunk-Cost Fallacy’ which basically means we are more likely to hold onto something if we have invested a lot in it, whether that is a relationship, friendship, job or a place you live. We do an inventory on the time invested and this can keep us in situations for too long or forever. Concentrate on what you could be doing with your time and energy in a new place, job or indeed with someone new.

Take responsibility

The first couple of steps to moving forward are to admit that there is an issue and to acknowledge your part in it. Blaming others, blaming bad luck or choosing a victim stance can keep you stuck. By taking responsibility for your part you can then start to make changes. And, just by admitting there is an issue you are starting the move forward.

What do you want?

Ask yourself what you want, have a picture in your head of how you want things to look. Write down the things that make you feel alive and fulfilled and see what changes need to happen to achieve these.

Manage your mind

Our mind can play a huge role in keeping us stuck. As humans there is often a propensity to stay in our ‘comfort zone’ and we can tell ourselves all sorts of things to justify and keep ourselves there. By keeping ourselves in this zone we won’t disappoint others, we won’t fail, we won’t make mistakes, we won’t have to admit to ourselves that we are worth it. Why don’t you write down the fears or thoughts keeping you ‘stuck’ and try now to challenge these with reality and fact as it is today. Remember many of our thoughts and fears are born out of our childhood experiences.