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5 Top Tips: Managing your Wellbeing during the COVID_19 Outbreak

The COVID_19 outbreak is a challenging time for most people, if not all of us. We are living with uncertainty and finding ways to manage increased fear and anxiety. It is important to recognise that minding your well-being during this time is just as important as other aspects of your life.


Here are my top 5 tips to managing your well being:

1. Limit your time on social media or watching news.

It is important to keep up to date with information, however, they are overloaded with negative stories that can get you down. I find myself scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, twitter to the point it feels all consuming. So, take a break from the scrolling and limited your time on it.

2. Keep Moving-

it doesn’t mean going out and running a 5k or marathon. Go for a walk, sit in your garden. Take a break leave the phone behind. Probable, best not to walk to the shops you might run into more stress of the crowds, ques and panic.

3. Keep in contact with friends, family, community-

with all the recommendations on social distancing you may have social and work events cancelled, friends reluctant to meet up. One positive aspect of the internet and social media we have so much virtual access that allows us to keep contact with people via skype, zoom, WhatsApp. I recently learned the wonders of watsapping a friend, we had some craic using all the games and funny features.

4. Keeping your mental health in check-

if you were attending counselling or professional support services and you don’t want to go into the clinic ask for other options. Therapist are offering online and telephone options while the COVID-19 restrictions are in place. Mood diaries or journaling are a great source of support and helpful in times of stress.

5. Prioritising self-care routines:

get outdoors, inhale the air and take 5 mins for you and remind yourself how strong you are and you will get through this.

By Shaunna Impey Psychotherapist and Director of City Therapy. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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