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12 Benefits of Therapy

Thinking of attending Psychotherapy or Counselling and wondering what would the benefits be to you. We have written down 12 benefits that might be helpful to known.

Helps you put yourself first

All too often people put others first and as a result can leave themselves tired and sometimes resentful. Therapy gives you a space to focus solely on your and your wellbeing.. By putting yourself first you can identify what you need and move towards meeting those needs

Sees self care as a priority to well being

As the old saying goes ‘You cannot drink from an empty cup’ and in therapy the aim is to nurture yourself so that your cup ‘of energy and wellbeing’ remains full. If we don’t look after ourselves then we can’t look after others. Therapy helps you learn that caring for yourself is an essential part of life

Setting goals and clarity/planning

Sometimes we feel stuck and find it hard to move forward. Therapy can help you identify what your goals are and the barriers keeping you from moving forward.

Mirrors healthy responses to issues

It can often be the case that a person has had negative experiences growing up and these experiences have been normalised. Therapy can be a place where you can test and question previous experiences and explore other ways of behaving. The healthy engagement in the therapy room can then be brought to your engagements with others

Helps a person recognise the places they act out of i.e. wounded child

You may have noticed yourself reacting disproportionately to something. When this happens it can often mean that you are acting from a younger or more wounded place. Psychotherapy can help you discover, uncover and help you heal those parts of yourself that still inform reactions in your every day.

Gives a space where a person can talk without being judged

It can often be the case when we talk to friends that there might be a fear of judgement. Psychotherapy offers you a space to speak free of judgement and this can be really helpful as you will feel safe to bring honesty into your sessions

Adds containment and structure in chaos

Structure and consistency within psychotherapy is really important as it adds a sense of certainty. Some people come from chaos and the one place they will feel a level of containment is when they go to their sessions. This structure and containment can often take the form of the same time, same day and same therapist every week. This can bring a sense of real calm and takes away some level of apprehension.

You will be heard

A psychotherapist isn’t there to fix you, they work and walk with you while you figure out what is best for you. One key feature of any growth is feeling heard. You may have come from a household where your voice wasn’t heard or respected. Being listened to intently by another can be a truly transformative experience.

A space created for you 

It can be hard when we are sharing, looking after a family or working full time to have time for yourself. In psychotherapy you will know that the time you spend in session is created so that you can really get the most out of it. 

A space for you to say out loud those things that you cannot say to others

For one reason or another we can find it very difficult to say how we feel to others. Or we may want to say something but before we do we might want to work on the best approach. You can use the psychotherapeutic space to say whatever you need to and either test how that sounds or indeed leave it behind you (metaphorically) with your psychotherapist.

Promotes mental health

Psychotherapy is beneficial in promoting proper mental health. The psychotherapist assists the patient in identifying negative behaviors and thoughts in order to stop them from repeating. Eventually, it leads to an improved mental health.

Better relationships:

Psychotherapy provides clients with a good opportunity to build better relationships with their friends and families. You can learn effective methods of communication and also the importance of setting realistic objectives.

What other benefits can you think of?

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